On-site facilities and equipment


We have acquired the latest in-house diagnostic blood machines. Most routine blood tests can be run within an hour or less. This is particularly useful for hospitalised/emergency cases but also for pre-anaesthetic screening and therapeutic monitoring of patients with ongoing illnesses such as diabetes. Urine testing and microscopy are also done mostly by us on the premises. For more specialised testing we courier samples to an external laboratory.


Radiography (Xrays) is still a crucial part of our diagnostic weaponry. We have invested in the latest technology for the taking of digital xrays. Within seconds we have an image on the screen in front of us. Either we can provide an answer there and then or we can e-mail the images to a specialist for expert opinion.


Ultrasound has become a crucial tool for us and allows imaging of many structures that are not well delineated by xrays. The image quality achieved by smaller ultrasound units has improved dramatically in the last few years and we are lucky to have the most up to date technology available to us in our practice.

Operating theatre

We can undertake a wide range of surgical procedures in the new theatre. Just as importantly we have invested in some excellent anaesthetic monitoring equipment. As your pet lies blissfully unaware of what surgery is being performed, our monitors are measuring blood pressure, blood oxygen levels, exhaled carbon dioxide concentrrations, ECG traces as well as body temperature, heart rate and respiratory rate. Modern painkillers are extremely effective at keeping our patients comfortable and the high level of monitoring allows us to realise quickly when more pain relief is required.


We have a variety of accommodation!  All can have heat/cool pads depending on ambient temperature. We have a variety of food and bedding to suit personal preference, fluid therapy infusion pumps and oxygen cages for those who need it. All the kennels are designed to be extremely hard wearing. This means the surfaces do not tarnish or scratch...they can be disinfected thoroughly between patients and there are no nooks and crannies for infective agents to hide away in. We also have an exercise/toileting area for dogs. 

Dental Equipment

Increasingly dental disease in our pets is recognised as a source of pain to them, as well as predisposing them to other illnesses such as heart and kidney problems. Prevention is always better than cure and we regularly advise on the importance of pet dental care. Sometimes though, there is no alternative to dental procedures under general anaesthetic. These are surprisingly complex and time-consuming. Fortunately our dental machine is driven by compressed air and reduces anaesthetic time and post-operative discomfort because tooth extractions can be done faster and with less trauma to the gums.